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Project Creator 

Jaideen Cobb, is an Innovation in Society and Digital Culture undergraduate student at Arizona State University. Cobb is an activist, intersectional feminist and techno-optimist. She was born in Everett, Washington and has lived in the Valley for over ten years. While taking a gap year out of college Cobb, spent time with a faith based organization in Seattle where she recalls first understanding how important community is. After returning from Seattle Cobb was enrolled in a community college where she connected with her African American literature teacher and the campus’ Social Justice Organization.

“I always knew I wanted to do something to make the world a better place” she shares. “I grew up in the lower working class by a single mother and it wasn’t till I got to college when I realized something terribly wrong—that our society has extensive systemic problems that have left people in my community feeling hopeless, depressed, overwhelmed and paralyzed by anxiety and other forms of mental health concerns.”

Cobb is now a Senior at ASU and is an aspiring Design Ethicist and User Experience Designer; she wants to pursue a graduate degree in the field of human-factors. Cobb loves rap music, philosophy, photography and talking about vegan food.     

Her social Media accounts include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @jaideencobb